Once again about "Topic.Sirius" in simple words.

Once again about
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Timeliness and relevance of the appearance of "Topic.Sirius" is due to several events taking place in the World at once.

Original | 08/31/2020 | A. Sukhinin

So, during the period of active information wars unleashed by various political and economic groups in their own interests, there is an acute issue of assessing the information field in which we all live and determining the degree of its danger for each person, within the framework of personal psychological hygiene. In this part, "Topic.Sirius" acts as personal protective equipment.

For convenience, in Topic.Sirius, all news is colored with colors so that you can immediately visually assess the degree of information contamination of the material published in the media.
The intelligent information and analytical system does not limit users to a list of media sources in the selection table. With the help of the tool "Toxicity of text", everyone can check any text material for the level of quality of information consumed.

In addition, Topic.Sirius can assist private and public entities in organizing their information policy. The system identifies sources of destructive propaganda that distribute manipulative and aggressive content and the topics on which these sources work. This allows you to get to know your opponent by sight, identify your shortcomings in information policy and develop specific counter-propaganda measures. In particular, to determine the directions of their constructive propaganda in order to neutralize the negative.

To prepare high-quality materials on counter-propaganda, you can use the same tool "Toxicity of the text", which will tell you how much the prepared material meets the required parameters.
It should also be noted that recently there has been an active discussion about the ways of development of society in the post-crisis period. More and more experts agree that the future belongs to a planned economy (as a goal) using a market economy (as a method). In this context, "Topic.Sirius" can be viewed as a conceptual model of information and analytical systems of the future, maximally protected from the influence of the human factor in the process of analysis and forecasting, the main task of which will be to control the main spheres of society.