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Alexander Sukhinin
  • Alexander Sukhinin
  • Director of the Strategic Analysis Department of the Institute for Social and Economic Development
    Expert-analyst. Diploma of the specialist "Psychologist", Kiev Higher Naval Political School (1989 - 1993).
    Work experience in state and commercial organizations.
    Development of blocks of analysis and forecast for monitoring systems. Development of an automated program for analyzing the internal and external environment of the organization and forecasting its development. Working model: http://my-medium.com. Creation of a system of non-contact analysis of a person. Development of the curriculum ("MEDIUM"). Development of evaluation criteria for security systems.
    Areas of research: Analysis of Internet data; forecasting; security.
    Interests: self-education; history; political science; applied psychology; Information Technology; leisure.

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2020-12-15 13:38:00

Українці не здатні усвідомити себе як цілісність

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2020-12-15 13:22:00

Снижение качества элит приводит к сокращению суверенности государства и политическим кризисам

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2020-08-31 13:55:00

Timeliness and relevance of the appearance of "Topic.Sirius" is due to several events taking place in the World at once.

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